Tetard Freres

Founded in 1880.

The firm was founded in 1880 by Edmond Tetard (1860-1901). It initially specialised in tableware and pieces in style Louis XV. Its popularity grew when, in 1889 Edmond won the golden medal at the Exposition Universelle in Paris.

After Edmond’s death in 1901, his sons George, Henri and Jacques took over the business changing its name into Tétard Frères. The firm’s style changes significantly from the early 1920s, when Valery Bizouard (1875-1945) becomes the principal designer of the company, creating new Art Deco patterns and models.

In 1930 Jean, Henri’s son, joins Bizouard at the direction of the company, which soon becomes leader in the French Art Deco silver design obtaining a clamorous success at the International Exhibition of 1931 gaining 10 medals.

The firm specialised in tableware, reinventing it with modern and often geometrical designs becoming, together with Christofle, an international icon in the period between the two wars.