(c. 1880 - 1921)

Konoike’s firm was based in the great trading port of Yokohama near Tokyo. Not much is known about his life but his artworks are particularly sought after for their fine quality.

The firm produced especially tea sets and tableware decorated with motives borrowed from the Chinese tradition, such as dragons, and typical Japanese ones, such as chrysanthemum and iris flowers. Many of his items bear also the mark of Jungin silver, which means pure silver (950+), only used during the Meiji Period (1868 - 1912). In fact Japanese silver features the highest purity in the world. Chasing and embossing such a pure metal (and therefore very soft), requires exceptional skills: that is why Japanese workshops of this period were often run by former samurai.

Konoike exported his items in Europe and especially in England. In London they were retailed by Liberty & Co.

Nowadays Konoike’s artworks are displayed in the most important international museums, such as the Victoria and Albert museum in London.