Hamilton & Co


Hamilton & Co. was founded in 1808 when Robert Hamilton, a British citizen, moved to Calcutta and opened his Jewellery and Silversmithing shop at 5 Tank Square under license from the East India company.

Three years later, Robert Hamilton was the first English silversmith to open a shop in Old Court House street where the business remained until its closure in 1973. Henry and James Glazbrook joined the business in 1811 and new branches were opened in Bombay, Delhi and Shimla. The business quickly grew and the best artisans of the country were employed in its big workshop.

The brand’s polished silverware, with elegant lines and delicate decorations appealed the members of the British government as well as the Indian aristocracy. Soon the firm became a proper statement among European royalties, no less considered than Tiffany or Cartier.

In 1817 Robert Hamilton lost interest in the company but the business carried on thanks to new partnerships. After the independence of India in 1947 the business survived 26 years more, and it definitely closed in 1973.