Grish Chunder Dutt

(1872 - 1947)


Grish Chunder Dutt is considered, along with Hamilton & Co, the most important silversmith working in Calcutta.

The firm was established in 1872 and was based in Bhowanipore, a suburb of Calcutta. The workshop produced all sort of silverware, from claret jugs to tea services, boxes and cups. In contrast to the polished and minimal style of Hamilton & Co., Grish style was incredibly elaborated and tactile, often depicting farming life, Indian villages and traditional folklore scenes characterised by a naive taste and a deep sense of perspective.

Thanks to the superb quality of their craftsmanship, the firm became very popular among British and Indian royalty and aristocracy. Among their customers it is worth to mention the Baron Chelmsford (Viceroy and Governor General of India), the Earl of Elgin and the maharajas of Cooch Behar and Jammu & Kashmir.

Grish received the highest award for silver model from C.P. & Berar exhibition, Nagpur 1908, and gold medal from Calcutta Industrial & Agricultural Exhibition 1906-7.

The business stayed within the family until 1947 when it definitely closed.