Grachev Brothers



The firm, producing gold and silver items was established in St. Petersburg in 1866 by Gavriil Petrovich Grachev, who had previously worked for Gasse.

At his death in 1873 his sons Mikhail, Simon and Grigory took over the company and renamed it into Grachev Brothers. Each brother used to mark the artworks he produced with his own mark, as the firm didn’t have a mark on its own.

The firm participated in several Russian and international fairs, such as he Pan-Russian Industrial and Art Exhibition in 1896, the Nordic Exhibition in Copenhagen in 1888 where it was awarded the gold medal, and the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.

From 1886 the firm was made official supplier of the King of Denmark and in 1892, the firm was awarded the title of purveyor of the Imperial Court and was allowed to use the Imperial Warrant (a double-headed eagle) as part of its hallmark.

Few years later Mikhail and Gavriil were made honorary hereditary citizens.

The brothers produced silver toilet, dining and tea sets, objects of vertu and jewellery especially in the traditional Russian style, using different techniques, such as enamel. Some of their items were retailed by Fabergé.

The business closed in March 1918.