Most of us spend a lot of time and money creating a home that is not just a personal space or merely functional. It needs to represent the people who reside in it to the visitors as well as give the owners a sense of pleasure from the moment they step into their front door.
At Pushkin Antiques we offer our clients more than just items to decorate and embellish the home.

Our aim is to offer that statement piece than can represent our client's personality but at the same time keeping an eye on quality and value, something which can be enjoyed by the current owner but also something that we believe is an investment and gain in value and appeal over time so that future generations can enjoy these articles too. Branded luxury items and statement pieces are key items for decorating the home and have represented a tremendous investment over the years but they need to be in good condition, they need to be rare, and of the best quality. 

Interior Pieces In Our Collection