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Important Silversmiths – Jean-Valentin Morel

A student of Adrien-Maximilian, maker of gold boxes to Louis XVI and Napoleon. In 1818 he started working independently and registered his first mark in August 1827 and later went to work with the Fossin brothers in 1834, remaining there until 1840. From 1842 - 1848 Morel was in partnership with the French architect Henri Duponchel (1794-1868) establishing themselves as Morel et Cie, where they became known for their renaissance revival objets d' art to the designs of Jules Peyre and Constant Sévin. At one point they employed 80 workers and won a gold medal at the Exposition des Produits de l'industrie of 1844 in Paris. However, their partnership ended acrimoniously in a lawsuit that resulted in Morel being prohibited from working in Paris again.

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Important Silversmiths – Puiforcat

Founded in Paris in 1820 by Emile Puiforcat, the firm produced originally silver flatware and cutlery. At the end of the century Louis-Victor Puiforcat shifted the focus of the company to high-end silver pieces, especially reproductions of 18th Century masterpieces.

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Important Silversmiths – Cardeilhac

The company was founded in 1804 by Antoine-Vital Cardeilhac, who specialised in silver tableware and cutlery in a fine Rococo style.

Soon, the firm gained notoriety participating to the International Fairs and winning a bronze medal in 1823 and the silver one in 1827 and 1834.

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Important Silversmiths – Christofle

The story of the firm began in 1830 when Charles Christofle (1805 - 1863) arrived in Paris from Lyons to join his brother-in-law’s jewellery firm.

When his brother-in-law died in 1837, Charles took over the business which became, within a few years, one of the most successful and popular silver brands of the last two centuries.

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