Important Silversmiths – Gustav Klingert

Gustav Klingert (in Russian: Густав Клингерт), originary from Germany, began his career working as a master for Fabergé. In 1865 he founded his own factory in Moscow employing over 200 artisans and manufactured items worth 400,000 roubles. In 1889 he exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in Paris where his works were granted honourable mentions. Four years later at the World Fair in Chicago,  Klingert was described as one of the most important firms in Russia. Thanks to the large popularity received the firm started to export its wares in United States through Tiffany & Co. In 1896 Gustav Klingert was granted the Imperial Warrant.

After Gustav retirement, the business was carried on by his sons and grandsons until it was forced to close due to the outbreak of the Russian Revolution.

The firm specialised in silver gilt, cloisonne and champleve enamel snuff boxes, cigarette cases and tableware. Until 1899 Klingert used to mark his items with Latin characters GK, thereafter in Cyrillic.