Important Silversmiths – Da Xing

Da Xing is a well-known silversmith active both in Canton and Singapore in the second half of 19th Century.

Famous for its fine craftsmanship, Da Xing produced silver for the wealthiest families in Malacca. He is in fact one of the few mainland Chinese silversmiths to produce Straits Chinese silver and to be active in Malaya and Singapore. Straits Chinese or Peranakan silver merges the Hindu-Islamic culture, visible in the shape and function of the items, with the Chinese tradition, evident in design and motifs.

Da Xing’s artworks show an exquisite quality and are generally decorated in the traditional Chinese style. Nevertheless, the mark is still subject of debate as it has been found on Chinese Export silver, Thai and Peranakan objects. Question has to be asked whether Da Xing represents the same firm with various branches and workshops in Asia or different shops.