Important Silversmiths - James Charles Edington

James Charles Edington was an important English silversmith, producing silver in Victorian and Georgian style.

Apprenticed to William Ker Reid, he was free in 1824. In 1828 he registered his first mark from Berwick Street in London. He moved to Leicester Square in 1837 registering first as a working silversmith, until 1862, and later as a manufacturing silversmith.

Between 1830 and 1840 Edington was chief supplier to the prestigious retail goldsmith and jeweller Green, Ward & Green of Cockpur Street: that decade was the most prolific of his career.

Although the business continued in his name after June 1869, it would appear that J.C. Edington had retired or died.

A tea caddy by Edington is today part of the Victoria and Albert museum’s collection.