5 Great tips for taking care of your silver

Thanks to its durability and resistance, silver has been used for centuries to create luxury items as well as precious tableware and dining sets.

Nevertheless silver tends to turn dark when exposed to air and requires periodic care and polishing. Following a few simple tips, your silver will shine for years.

  1. Before polishing, make sure your silver is well clean to avoid dirt and debris to scratch the metal. You can use a clean cotton cloth or a soft brush.

  2. If needed, you can wash your silver with warm water and a gentle dishwashing soap to remove food junk but please avoid using the dishwasher, the salts and detergents will accelerate the turnishing process, leaving dark stains very difficult to remove. If possible, silver should be washed straight after it is used because some food such as eggs, salt and vinegar may induce tarnishing.

  3. Once washed, dry your silver very carefully and as soon as possible to avoid water marks. You can also use an hair dryer to reach some difficult-to-dry areas.

  4. To polish your silver you can use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive silver polish. In our opinion Silvo is the best brand on the market. You can also find cotton clothes already impregnated with anti-tarnish agents that can do the job, such as Town Talk Anti-Tarnish gloves or cloth. Always wear cotton gloves and avoid rubber and latex ones as they can react to the silver surface. Cotton buds can be helpful to reach some areas.

  5. Apply the silver cleaner with your cloth in circular movements and remove it once finished. Especially with silverplated objects, do not insist too much to avoid exposing the base metal.

pushkin antiques polishing gloves.jpg

Once your silver is clean and ready to be stored or displayed, a few recommendations can be helpful to keep it shiny and to minimize the tarnish:

  1. Silver should be kept in a dry environment: in fact humidity is the main culprit for tarnishing. If possible, avoid attics or basements, as they often have a damp climate.

  2. If you are not planning to display your silver, you can store it away wrapped in cotton or polyester clothes. Make sure the items don’t touch each other to avoid scratches and damage. Avoid wool, felt or newspaper as they contain sulfites that can wear off the metal.

  3. If you are displaying your silver, camphor blocks or silver salts can help prevent tarnish.

  4. Try to always handle your silver using cotton gloves: fingerprints can stain the metal.