Five Good Reasons To Invest In Antique Silver

1. Intrinsic Value

Good quality silver will always maintain an intrinsic value, despite market oscillations, as this graph clearly demonstrates the silver value growth for the past two decades. 

Antiques are not subject to inflation or interest rates variations. They are stable investment, and one you can enjoy anytime.


2. Functionality

Antique silver is not just decorative. Silver is hard-wearing and durable and its design is often functional and practical. Teas sets, cutlery, trays, jugs and all sorts of tableware are meant to be used and enjoyed in daily life as well as special ocasions.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating the idea of owning a piece of history you could serve dinner on?


3. Investment

The antique silver market is constantly growing and expanding. The interest toward fine silver objects and manufacture has now reached a global scale outside Europe, with China and Russia being the new protagonists of this rise. Chinese silver has in fact jumped up considerably in value over the last few years with Indian & Burmese silver following the same trend.


4. Renowned Silversmiths

As they grow in age, fine antique silver will increase in rarity and therefore in value. Exceptional pieces by some of the most famous silversmiths such as Fabergé, Paul Storr & Maison Odiot are sought after by the biggest international museums and world's most selective collectors.


5. Hallmarks

When you buy high-end silver pieces, the hallmarks will ensure age and provenance of the object minimizing the risk of your investment.

hallmarks examples.jpg


Antique silver is a profitable long-term investment if done cautiously, with the support of an expert. If you are planning to expand your collection or starting a new one, we are here at your service. 

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