Financial Times - Collecting Norwegian Enamel

The Financial Times has published a very useful introduction to collecting Norwegian enamel, featuring one of our items by renown Norwegian enamel maker David Andersen.

Fusing glass to metal in a kiln has long been an art Norwegians have excelled in. Vitreous enamel was first used in ancient times – from Persia to Greece and China – and was adopted in Norway by the Vikings. The heyday of Norwegian enamel, however, wasn’t until just over a century ago. At the end of the 19th century a Viking revival swept the country, coinciding with the advent of art nouveau and resulting in the creation of some of the finest enamelwork ever made – jewel-like ornaments and tableware that today are attracting renewed attention, with prices ranging from a few thousand pounds to six figures.
— Financial Times
Alex Pushkin