Silver produced in America in the 18th century is particularly rare and takes the name of “Colonial”, as both the silversmiths and the majority of the clientele were colonists of European origin (in particular British). During this time important silver pieces were often imported to America from Britain and Europe, being the link of those families with their origins still strong.

The greatest and most relevant figure for early American silver is undoubtedly Paul Revere (1734-1818), silversmith, engraver and industrialist in Boston and Patriot in the American Revolution.

The production of silver in America widespread during the late 19th and early 20th century, with the economic boom and the legendary “roaring Twenties”. During this period a new generation of wealthy families increased the demand for luxury goods. A growing number of manufacturers started producing on a larger scale all sorts of commercial goods, in particular tea ware, smoking and drinking accessories and other items meant to represent a certain status during social events. The standard mark on American silver is “STERLING”, guaranteeing a silver standard of 925/1000.

Gorham, Kirk & Son, Shreve & Co, Baltimore Silversmiths and Tiffany & Co are among the most important manufacturers operating in America in the 19th and 20th century.

Tiffany & Co, in particular, embodies the soul of that thriving era. Its patterns, designs and styles (applied to silver, jewellery and interiors) represent the pinnacle of luxury, spreading the legendary American lifestyle in the rest of the world.

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